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A Blessing for Gardens

I was asked to write a blessing for farms and gardens for early May – when we really start turning over more than just the pea and onion plots and start the growing season. I’d like to share it with you all. There might be some of you who would like to use it — maybe in your congregation or maybe in your backyard! If you do, it would be great if you can let me know that you do (and please cite me as author.) Thank you!  


A Garden Blessing for Early May

Use this garden for your blessing – you, our Creator

Who gave us our identity:

We are mud

We are water

We are soil

We are Spirit

We are words.


We are altars to your grace,

Our labors in the soil are insufficient and

Our hopes for our daily bread rest in you.


Bless this land and those who labor in it,

Blessings so that the labor does no harm:

To mud

To water

To soil

To spirit

            Blessings so that the toil is balanced with grace-gifts, the Mother’s milk:

Of rain and sunshine,

Of restful nights

Of fruitful harvest.


Blessings so that in a growing season, we come to understand you more,



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