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Advent Compost

In this season of Advent, we’re focusing on letting go; so in my life I’m trying (emphasis on trying) to live each day as though it is an apple going in to sauce. One day at a time, I’m cutting off the bruised parts, picking out the tough cores and processing out the seeds and peels. In my house, none of these things go to waste because they are food for the worms out back in the compost pile.

Since I believe that God is supposed to be our light, that means I believe that I am not the light. I believe Advent is a time of preparation, and that if Jesus was born in a stable, I certainly don’t need to clean up for him to find my home acceptable. If Jesus is the light, then we don’t have to prepare the runway – he’ll find us, and he’ll bring the party.

So during Advent, I’m cutting out the stuff I don’t want to preserve. If I don’t want to keep it on my shelf to eat later on, then I’m giving it to the Great Composter, who with light will turn those rotten parts into soil. From soil we are made, and to soil we return.

I’m not saying I’m rejecting part of myself. I’m saying I’m choosing to keep what I want to preserve: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. And the hopelessness, the hatred, the anger, and the fear – those bitter tastes don’t need to get put in the sauce. I don’t want to keep revisiting the negatives all winter long.

So that’s why it goes in the compost – to await the light of Christ. We let go of it and over time, God’s light will turn it into something a little more useful.

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