Good Food Days

Hi everybody.

I’m still here. Among other things, it’s the beginning of the growing season, so I’ve labored really hard clearing out lots of garden space and giving birth to a yardful of baby plants who still need some guidance but certainly have lives of their own… 

Anyway, I’m here, and have been having a lot of tough days, and see a lot of tough days ahead. And I’m not the only one. This is a tough place and a tough time, and I work hard and “turn the engine, but the engine doesn’t turn.” Everyone I talk to around here about everything — even our gardens — is having a hard time. Slugs, weeds, money, family, sickness, chipmunks, cats, work troubles, accidents, cutworms, cancer… It pains me. It pains others, which in turn pains me again! And that can be a tiring cycle. 

I came home last week from a long work weekend and was so tired I went to clean out my immersion blender with an index finger, forgetting that I didn’t need to hit the ‘on’ button, but I did anyway, slicing to the bone. I have had other accidents since — I slipped and twisted my back which is now in a lot of pain. I cut another finger. One of our dogs got diarrhea on the good, deep-pile carpet. And with work — I just have a lot going on and am a little overwhelmed. I won’t talk about that here.

But we’ve been eating really well. I was making delicious chickpea burgers when I cut my first finger, and rhubarb ginger preserves when I cut the other one. Kale and onions and tempeh sauteed over polenta-style semolina… stir fry… spicy egg dishes, green salads, fresh roasted red pepper hummus (with my own roasted red peppers!), and crunchy, toasty, homemade granola every morning for breakfast. Right now, I have the remains of a really special lunch hanging out on my desk: mozzarella, olives, and a fresh crusty roll; and I have a pot of vegetable barley soup simmering on the stove for my Bible Study tonight, which I’ll serve with fresh greens from my garden. 

We don’t eat fancy, but we eat happy, healthy, delicious food. And I think, if I chose to base my day on what I ate and less on what happens to and around me, I’d have more ‘good’ days. If we’re eating good, simple, whole food, then that can have a larger reflection on our lives, which I want to be good, simple, and whole. See, I choose to eat what I eat. I don’t choose a lot of the not-so-good things that happen to me. So, I ought to focus more on the things I chose – the good food! — and pass on the junk. 

One thought on “Good Food Days

  1. Kellyann says:

    Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry to hear about the tough days and the accidents! I hope you get better and better; I feel you are on your way to better if you can write so hopefully about the good that food can do. You certainly gave me hope. Thank you.

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